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RohdeDoc services

RohdeDoc is a consultancy company specializing in business management, processes and documentation. Through optimization of processes and documentation within different areas such as quality management, documentation management, product development, software programme development and similar RohdeDoc can help improve your workflows and documentation.

Should you need assistance with tasks related to business management, processes and/or documentation for a limited period of time and would like to avoid hiring full time employees for this, then RohdeDoc is the perfect solution. RohdeDoc offers counselling and assistance to companies in need of help within the following areas:



Quality Management

Documentation of processes, procedures, resources and responsibility areas necessary to achieve quality management and goals.

Documentation Management

Tracing, managing and storing  electronic documents as well as reducing paper. Another huge advantage is history and version management.

Banking Corporate Governance

Enabling compliance with bank laws and regulations through internal controls, information systems and audit programs.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Processes, procedures and documentation must ensure that sensitive personal data are only attained, processed, stored and used for legal purposes.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Handling essential business areas such as Finance & Accounting, HR, Production & Materials management, CRM and SCM.


Define processes

Systematic examination of the company's processes with the object of mapping and optimizing the processes. Is carried out through interviews and workshops.

Optimize processes

After mapping the company's processes the correlation between these and the company's targets is evaluated to optimize the processes.

Set up process landscape

After mapping the company's processes the collected overview is established by setting up a process landscape.

Optimize process landscape

Once the company's process landscape is set up the correlation between the processes is evaluated to optimize the overall process landscape -  focusing on order and dublicate work.

Efficient workflows

The optimization of the process landscape may change workflows to make these and thereby the processes more efficient.


Optimize tasks

Examination of tasks with the object of identifying and eliminating redundant workflows and tasks.

Simple CMS tool

Minimize the risk of overlapping documents by extracting data for different documents from the same Excel base to common standard Word templates.

Adapted templates

Adapted templates can make the handling of a document easier and will help ensuring a uniform layout for the company.

Resource planning

Use standard software such as Word and Excel to attain a smart and efficient resource planning. This way you can plan the tasks your resources must work on for any given period of time.

Simple SCRUM tool

Use Excel to control the progress of defined tasks. By continuously following up on the tasks a "burn-down chart" will show if all the tasks will be completed on time.


Technical documents

Authoring, updating and maintaining user manuals, work instructions, checklists, risk assessments, technical specifications etc.

Customer documents

Authoring, updating and maintaining customer-oriented documents such as product sheets, newsletters and brochures.

Optimization documents

Authoring, updating and maintaining process flow diagrammes, process descriptions, service notes, training manuals etc.

Document designs

To achieve a high quality user experience the company should strive to excel in all aspects related to a product. Besides development, design and marketing document designs is a valid tool.

Corporate ID

By having a unique and recognizable design for all the company's documentation and related items it is possible to brand both the company and the products.


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