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The consultancy company RohdeDoc was founded in 2016. Specializing in business management, processes and documentation RohdeDoc focuses on helping companies work smarter and enable their full potential. This is done by mapping, establishing and  optimizing  processes and documentation within different areas such as quality management, documentation management, product development, software programme development and similar. Should you need a more hands-on approach in authoring, updating and maintaining documents, RohdeDoc can help you with this as well.

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Since graduating as B.Sc. in Production Engineering in 1995 I have been working with business management, processes, documentation, IT systems, optimization, project management and management for companies such as Alfa Laval, NaviCom, Microsoft and Siemens Wind Power. To optimize workflows and processes as well as deciphering and communicating product knowledge to users and customers by  producing and managing technical and customer-oriented documents  has always been my great passion.


2016 - now: RohdeDoc

Consultancy and services related to business management,  processes, optimization of workflows and documentation.

2011 - 2016: Siemens Wind Power

Lean administration, processes, SCRUM, technical documen-tation, documentation systems, optimization tools, corporate ID, project management and management.

2010 - 2011: IT Gruppen

System requirements and specifications for ERP software (Dynamics NAV) within the retail industry.

2004 - 2010: Microsoft

Project management and management (Dynamics NAV & AX), software localization, user manuals and training manuals.

1998 - 2004: NaviCom

Project management and management, partner channel management, system requirements and specifications for ERP software, consultant tasks, user manuals and training manuals.

1995 - 1998: Alfa Laval

Technical documentation, customer-oriented documentation, maintenance videos and sales video.


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